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Consultation: Dr. Philip Blair

Col. Philip Blair, MD, is a board certified Family Physician licensed in Washington State . He graduated from West Point in 1972 and attended University of Miami School of Medicine and trained as a family physician. He had assignments in Georgia, Louisiana, Washington, Oklahoma, Texas, Hawaii, Kansas, Italy, Korea, Germany, and the Gulf War. After retiring from the Army in 1996 he managed workers injuries and provided primary care above the Arctic Circle in Alaska. He also provided services in Kodiac Island and Newfoundland, Canada. In 2000 he became Vice President for Disease Management at AWAC, Inc., an medical management company, where he co-developed a highly successful interventional approach to chronic kidney disease. In 2011 he formed his own company consulting for employer based health insurers and providing a revolutionary style of chronic disease management achieving success in over 75% of patients with diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease and metabolic syndrome. Now, he is developing products to support health.

"Our program is truly focused on patients and helping them navigate through our complicated health care system," emphasizes Dr. Blair. Much of the program is about empowering individual patients to make lifestyle changes and coaching them through the difficult transitions until they realize success. And, then helping them maintain their positive outcomes for life."

Dr. Blair continues to explore new therapeutic approaches to chronic problems supported by medical evidence and clinical results including plant-based nutrition, hyperbaric oxygen, whole body vibration, low dose naltrexone, terpenes, and cannabidiol. These new areas show exceptional promise and success with little or no adverse effects. 

Scheduling Your E-Visit

Initial e-visit vary in time length. Follow-up consultations and health reviews are scheduled and billed at 15 minute intervals. 

Monthly subscriptions available.

Consultation: Misty DeWitt, CLC

Misty DeWitt is a Certified Life Coach, human development enthusiast, environment advocate, energy medicine practitioner, and Quantum Medicine PhD candidate. She has been guiding people through lifestyle transformations and teaching them how to take control of healing their bodies for over 10 years. Direct experience within her own transformation led her to bringing very specialized technological tools into the public eyes. Misty has been a pioneer of progressive research in innovative health practices, including vibration therapy; plant medicines; oxygen therapy; and energy field integrations. She offers sales, services and educational materials for individuals, businesses, and communities. Her passion is to create an ethically sustainable environment that empower health in individuals, educate communities, bring awareness to organizations, and ultimately work towards healing the planet.


Thousands of people experienced positive healthy life changes by participating in the programs, research,  and seminars Misty has designed. She works with some of the most prominent Complimentary Alternative Medicine providers and healers to create collaborative, realistically implemented, client-centered protocols that guide individuals to optimize their health. These programs often include movement, energetic awareness skills, supplements, and (mostly) plant-based nutrition. 


Misty had been working with Dr. Blair since 2015. Together they have designed and executed Veteran PTSD research studies; manufactured custom topical, internal, and healing products; and successfully delivered several educational lectures to professional organizations, continuing education seminars, and public workshops. She is a valuable addition to the team at Blair Medical Group.


Scheduling Your E-Visit

Initial consultations vary in time length. Follow-ups, program reviews, and health assessment changes are scheduled and billed at 15 minute intervals. Monthly subscriptions available.

Holistic Plan

Lifestyle guidance includes setting goals, being accountable, and creating a map to wellness success. Learn to use the tools & technology on site to achieve optimum individual health.

Complementary Care

Complement other approaches to health care and / or aid your system of self-care. Address physical illness, emotional or mental discomfort through the energetic body. Workshops, CEU's, and extended practice classes available.

Making Your Medicine

All recommendations are intended to bring balance to existing protocols. It is common for adjustments to need to be made. The statements are not evaluated or endorsed by the FDA or any other formal medical institution.

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