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BCPlus Product Family

Customized Beta-Caryophyllene (BCP) products that work to help regulate internal balance and health of the body’s systems.

Beta-caryophyllene (also known as BCP) is a natural substance that is found in many common food plants, such as hops, cloves, black pepper, oregano.

Endocannabinoid Health For EVERYONE!

Our beta-caryophyllene blends are derived from hops or allspice, not cannabis. They have no psychoactive effect, so that everyone could benefit from them. They work like CBD on the body, or maybe even better.

Beta-caryophyllene (also known as BCP) is a natural substance that is found in many common food plants, such as hops, cloves, black pepper, oregano, cinnamon, rosemary and basil. Beta-caryophyllene is FDA-approved as a food additive.

Research shows that beta-caryophyllene is highly effective in binding to the CB2 receptors on our nerve and immune cells. Because of this, it comes with a host of potential medical benefits.

It has been proven to be effective both orally and topically in helping with a variety of medical conditions, such as overreacting immune conditions, inflammation and pain.

How is it taken?

The topical formulas are used by applying directly to an area of pain. The oral liposomal formula is taken twice a day with or without food and can also be applied to painful areas on the skin or in the mouth. The crunches come as edible small doses that can be consumed one or two at a time as needed.

Our BCPlus Products

The first liquid liposomal beta-caryophyllene product available. Liposomal formulations contain the active BCP inside very tiny, fat-like particles that are easier for the body to absorb, allowing the BCP to get to the targeted area of the body much faster. BCPlus Oral Lipsomal helps block inflammatory

processes and helps mitigate pain, stress disorders, diabetes,

and high cholesterol.

The BCPlus Topical Gel starts with our potent beta-caryophyllene topical formulation blended into a

hydrating DMAE gel base that supports skin health and  healing. We added Terpineol, an effective antioxidant, and Humulene (anti-inflammatory substance found naturally in hops flowers) to enhance absorption into the skin. Essential oils are carefully chosen to enhance and support anti-inflammatory, healing and calming properties. Our BCPlus Topical Gel is non-greasy and easy to apply.

Our BCPlus Crunches contain all the beta-caryophyllene goodness of our oral formulation, made into tasty, crunchy little treats. Slightly

sweetened with monkfruit, and enhanced with probiotics, BCPlus Crunches are low glycemic and Keto friendly. They come packaged in a small, round tin that is easy to store and transport in backpacks, bags or totes. Each crunch contains 9 mg of beta-caryophyllene. Safe for all ages.

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Our topical oil is made from organically grown hops oil, distilled to a pure form of beta-

caryophyllene. We add a blend of terpenes, and organic rosemary. BCPlus Topical Oil blocks over-reacting immune conditions and pain receptors when applied locally

to joints, muscles or the back of hands. A few drops of the oil are all that are needed for reducing pain, inflammation or swelling, and providing a

sense of calmness and relaxation.

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